Merry Christmas!

Bookraftish Christmas gifts travelled from Lublin to Elefsina. Fine handmade cards and candles, a wonderful book with childrens' drawings and Polish music and decoupage notebooks. Thank you, our friends!


Bookraft in a nutshell

6 months of frienship and collaboration in 6 minutes. As Bookraft member Natalia saw it.


Saying Goodbye

Today was our Goodbye Day Chat. Lublin and Elefsina School Libraries connected via Skype. We presented our partners' towns according to the books they sent us and the slides they made for the project and enjoyed our freshly published common calendar, "Reading Beauties". Both groups sang Dylan's  "Knocking on Heaven's Door" since we felt more than ever Borges's saying that a Library is his idea of Paradise, while we tweeted all through the chat. Lublin also heated things up with the bookish version of the Black Eyed Peas' song "I got a feeling". We've got a feeling this is not the end. Thank you, our friends!

Σήμερα, μετά τη σχολική γιορτή στην Ελευσίνα, οι Βιβλιοθήκες του Λούμπλιν και η δική μας συνδέθηκαν μέσω skype για το τσατ του αποχαιρετισμού. Αξιοποιώντας τα βιβλία που μας έστειλαν οι συνεργάτες μας και αρχεία που δημιουργήθηκαν για τις πόλεις μας, κάναμε σύντομες παρουσιάσεις για το Λούμπλιν και την Λακατάμεια Κύπρου, συζητήσαμε, χαρήκαμε το κοινό μας ημερολόγιο "Αναγνωστική Ομορφιά", τραγουδήσαμε το ίδιο τραγούδι και άλλα δικά μας με την συνοδεία συνολικά 4 κιθάρων και το κέφι ήταν τέτοιο, που μετά το τσατ και οι δύο ομάδες άρχισαν να χορεύουν χωρίς να έχουν συνεννοηθεί! Το Bookraft ήταν μια αρμονική, ιδανική συνεργασία που μας γέμισε ικανοποίηση και ανέδειξε ταλέντα και ικανότητες με τον καλύτερο τρόπο. Ευχαριστούμε θερμά τους καλούς μας συνεργάτες!


Bookraft Calendar

Bookraft celebrates World Library Day, October 18th, with a special calendar made by our pupils. It is called Reading Beauty and joins the Art of Reading with Art about Reading. For the large version, click here.


Travelling Bookraft

Our holiday! Amazing time! The sun, the sea, the beach, travelling, meeting friends and reading books! Our photos present how people love reading and how reading is trendy. You can see reading books can everybody and everywhere. What else? Bookraft is a very popular project.

Friends and colleagues sent us pics concerning Bookraft from travelling all around!. Special thanks to Zoe and Irina.


End of school year!

The school year is finished! We have a holiday!Have a nice summer!

Made with Buzzle (and  a little editing of your own!)



Lublin and Elefsina library members made their interactive ebook on bookquotes. Enjoy!
Κοινή δουλειά των παιδιών στο Λούμπλιν Πολωνίας και στην Ελευσίνα.
Απολαύστε τα αρχιγράμματα που έκαναν οι Πολωνοί και τα αποφθέγματα για βιβλία που βρήκαν οι Ελευσίνιοι.


Medieval Bookmaking Quiz

Lublin told Elefina that it took three hours to make their initials. Well, think about the medieval scribes (the monks who made manuscripts) who worked all day for a year or less to produce a fine book made for the privileged few who could read and basically, afford it. Have a go! Try it twice and tell us about your progress. Consult the comments generously posted by our readers, so you can construct your knowledge upon the effort of other people. Browse through the Manuscript Virtual Museum with the bedazzling colours and fonts!


Reading Relay on St Jerome's Day

St.Jerome, the patron saint of translators and librarians was a prominent christian scholar of the 5th century. Known for his deep concentration on his reading, he surprised his friend St Augustine for reading in silence instead of aloud, as was the custom in Antiquity. He is portrayed in Art with a lion, which, according to the story, came to the monastery seeking the saint to heal his paw of a thorn, and followed him as a pet ever since.
Many painters painted their patron bishops and cardinals as St Jerome, to flatter them. Read more at Kolorowe Armadio

Παιδιά, ξέρατε ότι ο Άγιος Ιερώνυμος που έζησε τον 5ο μ.Χ. αιώνα είναι ο προστάτης των μεταφραστών και των βιβλιοθηκαρίων; Μετέφρασε την Βίβλο στα Λατινικά και σύμφωνα με τον θρύλο, έβγαλε το αγκάθι από ένα λιοντάρι που έφθασε κουτσαίνοντας στο μοναστήρι του, κι από τότε τον ακολουθούσε σαν πιστό σκυλί μέχρι να πεθάνει. Πολλοί διάσημοι ζωγράφοι απεικόνισαν τους καρδιναλίους και τους πάτρονές τους ως Άγιο Ιερώνυμο, κάτι που τους κολάκευε αφάνταστα!

Later on the same day, we had our first videosession, with the students who remained after school hours


Book competition.

I'm proud of my work. I hope the competition will be like it. I wait for your ansers and reply. For winner is waiting a prize! Good luck and enjoy your fun!



Booklovers not only love books but also they love every things connected with books and reading. They collect and make creative bookmarks. Readers care about the aesthetic quality of reading. They admire beauty of books, places and objects inspired with reading. Our hand-made bookmarks are in decoupage and bookscrapping techniques.

...which inspired us in Elefsina to make paper jewels! Click here for the printable edition!

"Bookmarks. A happy thriller" Bookmarks, made of any kind of material, but mostly paper, are small works of art. They carry information about the time they were made and reflect the aesthetics of their creators.

Collecting bookmarks is a journey, a personal adventure; it is an endless field trip, a passion like any other: it includes searching, sacrifices and dedication. Bookmarks show me around the universe of books, they inform me, they take me all around the world, the languages, the cultures. They keep me far better company than anything else that has enchanted me in the past. I hold them, spin them in my hands, understand their “language”. They’re my cat, my dog and my joy.

Their simplicity pleases me, since they have yet to become officially a collector’s item, as stamps, coins and other objects have become. I find them in book stores, I trade them with collectors all over the world, whom I later befriend and who make up my very own “international village”.

Categorized in dossiers on bookshelves, they are a different kind of book case in the house, just as warm and friendly, a book case with very small two-paged books, which can be browsed through and read just like the most exciting thriller.

Dimitris Papakostas, collector
Translated by Constandinos Papageorgiou

One bookmark for one class. The Dewey classification system in Elefsina school library through bookmarks here! Apart from the ten classes, there are bookmarks to show the rest of the collection, such as the digital part (cds, dvds) the Greek literature bookmark, the Internet bookmark (no library is conceivable without it!) etc

The etwinning partner schools exchanged Friendship parcels!

Book fashion.

This school year we popularized book fashion. The most important adventage is design clothings and jewellery from materials you use in a library. We designed dresses, skirts, hots, T-shirts and necklaces. We used foil, newspapers, covers, plastic bag, CD, postcards and bookmarks. We hope somebody would like to go to school or library party dressed in this kind of eco-friendly clothing.

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

In Elefsina we made accessories from newspapers, magasines and cds to go with Lublin eco-clothing!


Designing new shelves

Redecoration started by turning old books and cds into shelves. The Russian princess was made to publisize Russian  fairy tales in our collection. Detail: the figure was made by Christina, half Polish, half Greek, now a student in University and a keen cyclist.
Take a look at N.M.'s suggestions of a bookshelf below. You can even include an aquarium!
Thank you, Lublin, for the idea and the inspiring links!

The Bookraft Tree as designed by N.M. in Greece with pics of Bogatynia Reading Day.
Τον μήνα της αναδιακόσμησης στη Βιβλιοθήκη σχεδιάσαμε ράφια και βρήκαμε νέους τρόπους στήριξης και παρουσίασης των βιβλίων!


Cleaning in the library. Art magic.

"Stay where you are!" I said to Katerina, whom I caught reading as she came to dust the library shelves. "Can you just put the duster under your arm?" She did. This was not a chance to be lost. Katerina, our bookloving cleaning lady and library member, took the same stance with the Paxton maid, a painting of the early 1900s. Leaving the dreary work aside for just a glimpse at a good book, just enough to start dreaming yourself into a better world.

The Library Redecoration Month just couldn't kick off without a good cleaning!

Το μέλος της βιβλιοθήκης μας και ο άνθρωπος που καθαρίζει τον χώρο μας σαν να ήταν δικός του, η Κατερίνα, θύμισε τον πίνακα του Πάξτον με την κοπέλα που αφήνει τις δουλειές για λίγη μαγεία από τα βιβλία. Το μόνο που ζήτησα ήταν να αλλάξει την θέση του φτερού. Θαυμάστε την σύμπτωση!
We followed Lublin's example and started imitating Reading Women in Art. This is  René Magritte's painting, edited by the student herself as were the following ones. What can possibly account for the reader's expression?

Προσπαθήστε να μαντέψετε τι διαβάζει η γυναίκα και έχει αυτό το ύφος! Ο πίνακας είναι του Βέλγου σουρρεαλιστή ζωγράφου Ρενέ Μαγκρίτ (1898-1967). Διαλέξαμε να τον μιμηθούμε, γιατί η μαθήτριά μας φορούσε τα ίδια ρούχα κατά τύχη! Δική της και η επεξεργασία της φωτογραφίας.

Gustav Adolph Hennig (1797-1869), Young Girl reading

                                        Henry Robert Morland, Woman Reading by a Paper-bell Shade, 1766

Franz Eyble, Girl reading, 1830

Sir Thomas Sully, Girl Reading, 1842

Jean Baptiste Corot, Interrupted Reading, 1870

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, The Day Dream, 1880


Magical reading garden.

"Το βιβλίο είναι ένας κήπος που μεταφέρεις στην τσέπη σου". Πόσοι πίνακες απεικονίζουν αναγνώστες αφοσιωμένους στις σελίδες του αγαπημένου τους βιβλίου ή την στιγμή του στοχασμού επάνω σε ό,τι διάβασαν. Η ομορφιά της αναγνώστριας είναι το θέμα του ημερολογίου μας που ετοιμάζεται και οι βιβλιοθήκες μας αυτή την εποχή μεταμορφώθηκαν σε κήπους ανάγνωσης.

Art and books inspire readers. Every woman likes reading in the garden. You can see it in presented photos and painting. Art shows and teaches us too that time isn't important and that it connects people.Our photo shoot was a nice experience, and we all enjoyed ourselves enormously. Try to say :
Which painting is in the original? (An Author and Title)
Do you know persons in next photos? (Names)
Can you make a suggestion about reading? (Quotes)

"A book is like a garden carried in a pocket" (Chinese proverb).For keen readers is so beautiful like a favorite flower, for those who don't like reading is like a cactus.
We hope you agree with us. Show us "your reading garden" please.

Well, here you are:

No garden is complete without birds. Click here to listen to their song 24 hours a day!

Redecorated libraries in June.

Look at our libraries. We show how they looked in June. Tell us what do you see similar? Do you like our redecorations? Can we inspire you? Is it important in your opinion to redecorate libraries from time to time? We prepared comfortable places for reading, funny and modern designs and book gifts.
Κοιτάχτε πώς μεταμορφώνονται οι βιβλιόθηκες μας από τις ιδέες που μοιραζόμαστε. Πρωτότυπες αναγνωστικές γωνιές και ευφάνταστα ράφια, νέα έπιπλα (έστω και φερμένα από τα σπίτια μας!). Όλα για την απόλαυση του αναγνώστη!