Cleaning in the library. Art magic.

"Stay where you are!" I said to Katerina, whom I caught reading as she came to dust the library shelves. "Can you just put the duster under your arm?" She did. This was not a chance to be lost. Katerina, our bookloving cleaning lady and library member, took the same stance with the Paxton maid, a painting of the early 1900s. Leaving the dreary work aside for just a glimpse at a good book, just enough to start dreaming yourself into a better world.

The Library Redecoration Month just couldn't kick off without a good cleaning!

Το μέλος της βιβλιοθήκης μας και ο άνθρωπος που καθαρίζει τον χώρο μας σαν να ήταν δικός του, η Κατερίνα, θύμισε τον πίνακα του Πάξτον με την κοπέλα που αφήνει τις δουλειές για λίγη μαγεία από τα βιβλία. Το μόνο που ζήτησα ήταν να αλλάξει την θέση του φτερού. Θαυμάστε την σύμπτωση!
We followed Lublin's example and started imitating Reading Women in Art. This is  René Magritte's painting, edited by the student herself as were the following ones. What can possibly account for the reader's expression?

Προσπαθήστε να μαντέψετε τι διαβάζει η γυναίκα και έχει αυτό το ύφος! Ο πίνακας είναι του Βέλγου σουρρεαλιστή ζωγράφου Ρενέ Μαγκρίτ (1898-1967). Διαλέξαμε να τον μιμηθούμε, γιατί η μαθήτριά μας φορούσε τα ίδια ρούχα κατά τύχη! Δική της και η επεξεργασία της φωτογραφίας.

Gustav Adolph Hennig (1797-1869), Young Girl reading

                                        Henry Robert Morland, Woman Reading by a Paper-bell Shade, 1766

Franz Eyble, Girl reading, 1830

Sir Thomas Sully, Girl Reading, 1842

Jean Baptiste Corot, Interrupted Reading, 1870

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, The Day Dream, 1880


  1. Reading is better and more enjoyable than cleaning, isn't it girls? And this photo is another proof of this!!!
    Ewa O. from Lublin

  2. Seeing our students take the stance of a famous painting with Readers, only proved what I always held true: People who read are Beautiful People.

  3. This is a wonderful idea! I love it! I'm sure beauty reading girls are happy and love reading! Your photos are amazing!