Book competition.

I'm proud of my work. I hope the competition will be like it. I wait for your ansers and reply. For winner is waiting a prize! Good luck and enjoy your fun!



Booklovers not only love books but also they love every things connected with books and reading. They collect and make creative bookmarks. Readers care about the aesthetic quality of reading. They admire beauty of books, places and objects inspired with reading. Our hand-made bookmarks are in decoupage and bookscrapping techniques.

...which inspired us in Elefsina to make paper jewels! Click here for the printable edition!

"Bookmarks. A happy thriller" Bookmarks, made of any kind of material, but mostly paper, are small works of art. They carry information about the time they were made and reflect the aesthetics of their creators.

Collecting bookmarks is a journey, a personal adventure; it is an endless field trip, a passion like any other: it includes searching, sacrifices and dedication. Bookmarks show me around the universe of books, they inform me, they take me all around the world, the languages, the cultures. They keep me far better company than anything else that has enchanted me in the past. I hold them, spin them in my hands, understand their “language”. They’re my cat, my dog and my joy.

Their simplicity pleases me, since they have yet to become officially a collector’s item, as stamps, coins and other objects have become. I find them in book stores, I trade them with collectors all over the world, whom I later befriend and who make up my very own “international village”.

Categorized in dossiers on bookshelves, they are a different kind of book case in the house, just as warm and friendly, a book case with very small two-paged books, which can be browsed through and read just like the most exciting thriller.

Dimitris Papakostas, collector
Translated by Constandinos Papageorgiou

One bookmark for one class. The Dewey classification system in Elefsina school library through bookmarks here! Apart from the ten classes, there are bookmarks to show the rest of the collection, such as the digital part (cds, dvds) the Greek literature bookmark, the Internet bookmark (no library is conceivable without it!) etc

The etwinning partner schools exchanged Friendship parcels!

Book fashion.

This school year we popularized book fashion. The most important adventage is design clothings and jewellery from materials you use in a library. We designed dresses, skirts, hots, T-shirts and necklaces. We used foil, newspapers, covers, plastic bag, CD, postcards and bookmarks. We hope somebody would like to go to school or library party dressed in this kind of eco-friendly clothing.

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In Elefsina we made accessories from newspapers, magasines and cds to go with Lublin eco-clothing!