Reading Relay on St Jerome's Day

St.Jerome, the patron saint of translators and librarians was a prominent christian scholar of the 5th century. Known for his deep concentration on his reading, he surprised his friend St Augustine for reading in silence instead of aloud, as was the custom in Antiquity. He is portrayed in Art with a lion, which, according to the story, came to the monastery seeking the saint to heal his paw of a thorn, and followed him as a pet ever since.
Many painters painted their patron bishops and cardinals as St Jerome, to flatter them. Read more at Kolorowe Armadio

Παιδιά, ξέρατε ότι ο Άγιος Ιερώνυμος που έζησε τον 5ο μ.Χ. αιώνα είναι ο προστάτης των μεταφραστών και των βιβλιοθηκαρίων; Μετέφρασε την Βίβλο στα Λατινικά και σύμφωνα με τον θρύλο, έβγαλε το αγκάθι από ένα λιοντάρι που έφθασε κουτσαίνοντας στο μοναστήρι του, κι από τότε τον ακολουθούσε σαν πιστό σκυλί μέχρι να πεθάνει. Πολλοί διάσημοι ζωγράφοι απεικόνισαν τους καρδιναλίους και τους πάτρονές τους ως Άγιο Ιερώνυμο, κάτι που τους κολάκευε αφάνταστα!

Later on the same day, we had our first videosession, with the students who remained after school hours


  1. I have never seen so many paintings showed St Jerome! Thank you!

  2. The story about St.Jerome made me curious. But I've taken the greatest pleasure of watching those paintings. Thank you!
    The librarian

  3. The film is a wonderful gift! We are richly in new and interesting experience and new friends!
    Thank you! Good job!
    Lublin Team Bookraft

  4. Cool film ;D And on Monday next chat ;*