Magia Biblioteki: A library angel

Did you know that if you have a personal question and you go to a library, the Library Angel will answer it?
Just choose a book and start reading in a random page, until you find your answer!
Τι γυρεύει ένας άγγελος κλεισμένος σε ένα βιβλίο; Μήπως τα παιδιά από την Λακατάμεια μπορούν να γράψουν τις απαντήσεις τους;

One more bookcarving from Elefsina and what we make of the parts we carve. We try to waste nothing!


Making our own books

This is a presentation about an origami book. Let's try to do it yourself and show us the way you are doing your own origami book. Good luck! Enjoy your new hobby!
For a simpler version, click here!

And here we are, posing as origami books. Don't judge a book by its cover, though! While making them we read a little Omar Khayyam (Rubaiyat) and the very interesting student newspaper from the Avlona adolescent prison house. More about it here.  The Elefsina team.

A Polish Lublin team as books.
And here is the Cyprus presentation of their own books!

Φτιάχνοντας τα δικά μας βιβλία στην Κύπρο, την Πολωνία και την Ελλάδα!