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Lublin student in Poland speaks Greek!



Today we had a tribute to our twinners, searching for books on Poland and famous Polish or polish-born people (quite a few, actually!) and the books we have in our library on Cyprus, which we placed in a way to form the island itself. We listen to Chopin and Marios Tokas and the Reading Club took photos of our Polish Corner in the school with things our previous polish twinners sent us back in 2006.

School Library in Bogatynia, Poland
The Cyprus presentation

The Greek Reading Team
School Library: HEAVEN'S DOOR

The making of the film on the Greek School library is entirely Natalie's work. The title of this post is her idea,too.

Greek School Library Teen Reading Club
aka “The Aroma of page 7”, is a group of booklovers, 3 boys and 7 girls, and the occasional visitors, who love to read once a week after school hours, a title the group members compiled by choosing at random library books. After reading the Perfume by P. Süskind the group presented the reading pleasure as an aroma.We have adopted the habit of El Lector, the reader for the Puerto Rican cigar-makers, who read aloud while they were making the cigars. Our club makes crafts, while someone (usually the school librarian) reads aloud. Novels, short stories, poems mentioned in the books, which were selected on the basis of being made into films have been read so far. Of course, the reading is frequently interrupted, to make comments and trigger an interesting discussion in the group. Each member also presents the latest or their favorite reading.

We are very excited to twin the crafts we are making with our friends in Poland and Cyprus!

Here are some of the books read aloud during our Reading Club Sessions.
Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, which mentions
Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold as well as Edar Allan Poe (we chose the Raven)
Nadia by Lena Divani
 (yet to be made into a film!)
The Gifts of the Magi by O’ Henry
The Perfume by Patrick Süskind
Hamlet by W.Shakespeare (extracts)
Romeo and Juliet by W.Shakespeare

CULTURAL EXCHANGES - Dansing in the Library


    chrysanthea said...
    This is very interesting. Well done!
    from Cyprus
    2 May 2010 09:24
    Anonymous said...
    That's a really beautiful slideshow!!

    F.P. Greece
    5 May 2010 04:24

    libelef said...
    We are honoured and happy to be working with you!
    1 May 2010 16:07
    Anonymous said...
    we are glad to see people investigating our history..and we hope that the greek spirit will continue to live in those that they admire it... Themis a student from greece.
    5 May 2010 02:20
    Anonymous said...
    It's so nice to see that! We feel so happy and proud working with you! Thank you, Lublin!

    Natalia Mantikou
    5 May 2010 13:39
    Anonymous said...
    its our proud work with people who have greek spirit in them :D Andriana Kalaridi<3
    6 May 2010 04:38

  3. Anonymous said...
    Hello ! What a wonderful gift to your librarian Eleni ! She makes everything possible to create a pleasant, a creative, a warm library ! Your library... This movie will stay in the history of your school ! You all seem to like being in this place, speaking, singing ! creating, playing together... Don't forget these moments ! They are gold !
    (Natacha from South-West of France)
    1 May 2010 01:42
    kafrin-tzamkat said...
    Τι όμορφα πράγματα!
    2 May 2010 03:06

  4. no comments! this is video is absolutely perfect!CONGRATULATIONS !!! KALARIDI ANDRIANA

  5. Well done guys!!!These were wonderful videos from Lublin and Greece!!!!:D
    Julia & Joanna :)