Bookraft and conferences in Poland!

Bookraft is a very famous in Poland. Last month our blog visited more than 400 persons. About experiences in this project, our collaboration and reults I talked in two conferences. More information here:
1. VI YOUNG LIBRARIAN'S FORUM in Poznań (15-16/9/2011):

2. Conference about european union projects in education (13/9/2011):www.feu.lubelskie.pl/front/page/get/29/news_id:390/

3. Conference about eTwinning in our city - 7.3.2012. We showed Bookraft together with pupils. Martha talked about craft and Mathew talked about ICT in project. Interviews with us were carry out by regionals media : Radio Lublin, Radio Eska, Gazeta Wyborcza. .
Listening an interview here :  Wywiad do pobrania.

Book about the best etwinning projects 2011 in Poland!

You can read about our Bookraft project in a new book "The best Polish etwinning projects in 2011". You can print PDF or read ebook. I hope you like it!


A new etwinning label!

One more label awarded to Bookraft. More about the Pupil Quality Label soon to come...


Etwinning Polish Competition 2011-Toruń

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

The Bookraft teams have the second Prize in Polish etwinning competition 2011. We celebrated this event in Toruń - Copernicus's city and we met there our partners from Bogatynia. We are very happy again!Thanks to all friends!


More booksculptures!

Bookraft inspirations continued... This is the library teacher's farewell present by Natalie.


Bookraft in media!

Bookraft has drawn the interest of Polish media. You can see the publications in Gazeta Edukacja here and here!


Post Budapest Party

The winning group from Cyprus had a special  celebration on coming back from Budapest with a Bookraft cake and diplomas for every pupil at the Agios Stulianos Primary School in Lakatamia. Well done to the green-caped group that made their town known to Europe for the second time in three years!
Μια τελετή απονομής αναμνηστικών διπλωμάτων περίμενε τα παιδιά από την Κύπρο με τον γυρισμό τους από την Βουδαπέστη. Στο δημοτικό σχολείο Αγίου Στυλιανού στη Λακατάμεια κόπηκε τούρτα με θέμα το Bookraft και τιμήθηκαν οι μαθητές που έβαλαν την πόλη τους στον εκπαιδευτικό χάρτη της Ευρώπης!


Bookraft in newspapers!

Bookraft is more and more famous and popular. We are very glad! The interview with us is in newspaper.pl (gazeta.pl) and in regional newspaper "Kurier Lubelski".

And here is the article in the Greek regional newspaper "Epikairotita"


The Budapest conference presentations


See all videos on Julian Coultas's Channel here

Team Presentations

Teachers' presentations

So teenagers don't read anymore? Or is it that reading has mutated because of the digital era with the multimedia and the hypertext? Secondary School librarians and a primary teacher took up the challenge to motivate their pupils with a wide range of digital tools, arts and crafts, and the etwinning experience of making friends by computer. "Active hands, active minds" was our moto, and the story of El Lector our influence. The result was three months of library magic, where pupils entered famous paintings on Reading, saw their drawings come to life and where the Polish Romeo courts the Greek Juliet in the Balcony Scene.
 In the workshop "Encouraging the students to read-an etwinning experience", Chrysanthea Papakonstandinou (Cyprus) talked  about integrating the project into primary school curriculum, Aneta Szadziewska (Poland) catered the creative part of Bookraft and Helen Karavanidou (Greece) spoke about the collaborative aspect of the project.
Here are the presentations:

See the Greek presentation here (a bit of patience!)


Bookraft Valentine

Happy Valentine's day! This heartwarming gift came from Lublin to Elefsina along with other goodies, one day before we knew we made the finals. Thanking our Valentines up there!


Getting ready for Budapest

Guna and Olaf flew from Lublin to Elefsina in a couple of days to shoot interviews for Budapest. We never anticipated such fun, we redecorated the library with all our Bookraft goodies from Cyprus and Lublin, and after the shooting we worked in pairs fervently to write the text and translate. Many thanks to our Latvian visitors for offering a wonderful post-knowledge experience. It certainly beats the library questionnaire!
Many thanks to our English language teachers Emilia Kosowska-Stępniak and Maria Poulopoulou, and also the NSS ladies, Ewa Nowak, Mary Frenzou and Irene Pateraki for attending.


We will meet in Budapest!

So, this is not the end, my friends! It seems that people who saw our collaboration decided to bring us together in the etwinning camp in Budapest. We will finally meet in person! Excitment is building up as we are getting ready for the etwinning conference. Hands and minds restarted working, ideas are pouring in, we are in Bookraft phase 2! Get your guitars, your scissors and your bookideas out. Meet you at skype!

Με μεγάλη χαρά πληροφορηθήκαμε ότι οι ομάδες της Κύπρου, της Πολωνίας και της Ελλάδας θα συναντηθούν στην κατασκήνωση στα πλαίσια του συνεδρίου etwinning στην Βουδαπέστη, σε δύο μήνες. Ξαναμπήκαμε σε ρυθμούς Bookraft με ιδέες και επανασύνδεση με τους twinners μας. Ραντεβού στην Ουγγαρία!