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Team Presentations

Teachers' presentations

So teenagers don't read anymore? Or is it that reading has mutated because of the digital era with the multimedia and the hypertext? Secondary School librarians and a primary teacher took up the challenge to motivate their pupils with a wide range of digital tools, arts and crafts, and the etwinning experience of making friends by computer. "Active hands, active minds" was our moto, and the story of El Lector our influence. The result was three months of library magic, where pupils entered famous paintings on Reading, saw their drawings come to life and where the Polish Romeo courts the Greek Juliet in the Balcony Scene.
 In the workshop "Encouraging the students to read-an etwinning experience", Chrysanthea Papakonstandinou (Cyprus) talked  about integrating the project into primary school curriculum, Aneta Szadziewska (Poland) catered the creative part of Bookraft and Helen Karavanidou (Greece) spoke about the collaborative aspect of the project.
Here are the presentations:

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