Book fashion.

This school year we popularized book fashion. The most important adventage is design clothings and jewellery from materials you use in a library. We designed dresses, skirts, hots, T-shirts and necklaces. We used foil, newspapers, covers, plastic bag, CD, postcards and bookmarks. We hope somebody would like to go to school or library party dressed in this kind of eco-friendly clothing.

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In Elefsina we made accessories from newspapers, magasines and cds to go with Lublin eco-clothing!


  1. Wonderful! Can you explain what the polish phrases mean? Greek Library

  2. I love the plastic whithout colour dress and all the cosmetics.!@#I#R ELEYSINA

  3. It's really hard to believe these jewelery is made of unnecessary newspapers and magazines?
    Your necklaces are really wonderful! You're a real artists and fashion models too. Congratulations!
    E.O. (librarian and hand-made jewelery lovers) from Lublin

  4. The Polish it is quote from Twilight : " And next day is coming to an end. Although is so amazing the night will occupy his."