Music for Reading

The idea, lyrics, filming and editing and soundmixing were done entirely by our students at the end of the project. Based on Michael Jackson's famous song.

"There comes a time

When we heed a certain call
When the world must come together as one.
There are books for reading
Ooohhh and it's time to lend a hand
To books, the greatest gift of all.

On Wednesday afternoons
We meet at our chaaaaat
We can meet
new friends and we are glaaaaad
We all paint and draw
new ideas come like rain
today, we'll maaaake people

we are the world
we are e-twinniiiiing
we are the ones who make a certain change
to people reading

There's a choice we're making
We make books part of our lives.
It's true we make a better day
Just you and us!

Three countries
Cyprus, Poland and Greece
we propagate
friendship,love and peace

Books are the only solution

Let’s make a revolutioooon


These are the teams' suggestions on what to hear while you are reading. A song for every instance of your life!

Piotr's choices:

Lublin and Elefsina teams' choices:


L oss

V ox

Let us not forget Fryderyk Chopin! 2010 is his year.

Found at: - FilesTube

Blogger Backgrounds

Above is an old musical manuscript our Bookraft team from Lublin saw in their town's Public Library.


  1. No wonder we stuck together so well. We share similar musical tastes. Teachers and students alike. That is rather unusual...

  2. Music show us how we are similar and diffrent culuture are not important. Good choices!

  3. Polish and Greek girls are the best singers and from this time my favourite band!