Designing new shelves

Redecoration started by turning old books and cds into shelves. The Russian princess was made to publisize Russian  fairy tales in our collection. Detail: the figure was made by Christina, half Polish, half Greek, now a student in University and a keen cyclist.
Take a look at N.M.'s suggestions of a bookshelf below. You can even include an aquarium!
Thank you, Lublin, for the idea and the inspiring links!

The Bookraft Tree as designed by N.M. in Greece with pics of Bogatynia Reading Day.
Τον μήνα της αναδιακόσμησης στη Βιβλιοθήκη σχεδιάσαμε ράφια και βρήκαμε νέους τρόπους στήριξης και παρουσίασης των βιβλίων!


  1. Marta from Lublin6 June 2010 at 04:02

    Wow.Cool shelves.You draw nice..;D

  2. Furniture made of books? Why not? Special edition for book lovers! They're not only cool but beautiful and original too.
    Best wishes from Lublin. Ewa O.

  3. I love your bookshelves!!!

  4. This is great! Every next day a new surprise from our Polish twinners!Libelef