Medieval Bookmaking Quiz

Lublin told Elefina that it took three hours to make their initials. Well, think about the medieval scribes (the monks who made manuscripts) who worked all day for a year or less to produce a fine book made for the privileged few who could read and basically, afford it. Have a go! Try it twice and tell us about your progress. Consult the comments generously posted by our readers, so you can construct your knowledge upon the effort of other people. Browse through the Manuscript Virtual Museum with the bedazzling colours and fonts!


  1. I've just finished to answer your quiz. It was a good fun and a revision of my knowledge about the history of book. Thank you for this! I'm glad of my score -90% of correct answers. The wrong answer I've given was about time (days) the monks needed to finish the manuscripts. I thought they had worked longer than two or four days. So thanks to your quiz I've not only check my knowledge but learnt too. Thanks a lot again.
    Ewa O.

  2. I remember being in a kindergarten where kids proudly said "I know how to draw my name!". Draw it is! How close to medieval scribes they were! Scripture was a hard and painful process reserved only for the connaisseurs. Thank God that has changed. Ironically enough the digital era has produced many digitally illiterate educated people, who just don't realise it!

  3. Natalia Mantikou20 June 2010 at 16:16

    I scored 90% and I'm proud of that! :D
    I just failed to the question with the goose feathers..

  4. Yes, if you notice the image, the first scribe's pens were reeks cut in a way to use ink. I tried cutting one, but failed, simple as it seemed...

  5. uhh super superrr;-)
    I managed to solve this test