Bookraft scrap paper

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As a follow-up to Lublin school library recycling policy, we present our own ideas on what to do with waste photocopy paper. Above is an animated version of a quote by Franz Kafka, made from waste paper into a paper doll, which was then animated. "A book is an axe for the frozen sea within us". Do you agree? What do you think it means?

Η παραπάνω φιγούρα του μεγάλου Τσέχου πεζογράφου Φρανς Κάφκα έγινε με φωτοτυπίες για πέταμα, που σχημάτισαν την χάρτινη φιγούρα του και στη συνέχεια έγιναν animation. "Το βιβλίο είναι το τσεκούρι που σπάει την παγωμένη θάλασσα εντός μας". Τι νομίζετε ότι σημαίνει; Γράψτε τις απαντήσεις σας στα σχόλια!

You can always make paper birds to decorate your noticeboard. By the way, the etwinning poster on ours is the official poster for etwinning in Cyprus!
Χάρτινα πουλάκια για τη διακόσμηση του πίνακα ανακοινώσεων, στον οποίο φιγουράρει και η αφίσα του etwinning Κύπρου.

A library member designs paper bags and makes a different one in five minutes.
Μέλος της βιβλιοθήκης μας έχει ειδικευτεί στο να κάνει χάρτινες σακούλες από τις άχρηστες φωτοτυπίες. Καμιά τους δεν μοιάζει με την άλλη!

Or you can take a page from a book to be recycled and make it into a special visual poem, chosing phrases.
Σελίδες από βιβλία που προορίζονται για ανακύκλωση παίρνουν νέα ζωή με το να γίνουν οπτικά ποιήματα.
Strips of waste paper make wonderful designs for your place.
Αφήστε την φαντασία σας να πετάξει με το στρίψιμο λωρίδων από παλιές φωτοτυπίες.
Don't recycle it, just make an a-maze-ing Book-Maze and lose yourself reading!
Παλιό βιβλίο προς ανακύκλωση έγινε βιβλιολαβύρινθος. Χαθείτε στις σελίδες του!


  1. "A book is an axe for the frozen sea within us" Franz Kafka
    It's difficult to continue this quote at all - Kafka wasn't an easy writer either to read or to understand. I have to explain it in English - it's more complicated to me because English isn't my mother tongue and I'm not sure if I'll manage to express all my thoughts and emotions. But I'll try to do my best!
    "A book is an axe ..." - it's a very strong term for the object people - specially readers - love. I wouldn't compare a book with an axe. Umberto Ecco says that a book is the most suitable and comfortable thing in the world, like a spoon or a knife. And I agree with him. Kafka probably thought about the power of the book, the invisible strength for changing humans hearts and minds. Reading books is so powerful!!! And thats why reading books can melt "the frozen sea within us". It means for me that every reader becomes better, wiser and more sensitive to other people when he/she reads books. "A book and reading is the best entertainment the human being has ever thought of" - Wislawa Szymborska says. We not only relax while reading a book, but we get to know ourselves better, our emotions and feelings as well. A book helps us to express ourselves and to experience the others' emotions. I mean empathy. A book - such an ordinary object - causes a kind of katharsis, too. After reading you feel better than before. You see yourself that you're not alone on Earth and your problems aren't so difficult as you thought before. You've found some answers for your questions and advices for your problems.You have already known that there are a lot of people, readers, whom you belong to. This feeling helps you to destroy "the frozen sea within us" - you and me, to ruin walls between human beings.
    There is a different aspect of this quot - I've found it just now. "A book is an axe for the frozen sea within us" - says Franz Kafka - it can concern the relationship between the author and the reader. But it's different matter for another time ...
    Ewa Osoba from Lublin (Poland)

  2. We also discussed it in the Greek library and here is what we think:
    Frozen sea: A person can be emotionally frozen, apart from other people. A book can melt the frigidness within oneself and re-establish contact with our feelings. In reading all sort of emotions start occuring, just like sea currents. And don't forget motion is life.
    Axe: It may hurt but it is for our own good to "see" ourselves and the world. That is what a book does.
    Book: It is a friend in loneliness. It awakens us. It recovers truth.

  3. The Lublin booksculpture is just wonderful. I love the way the pages are turned into a human face. A multi-faceted one, too!
    Just ideal to illustrate great classic novels, like Crime and Punishment, Demian, The Murderess by Papadiamandis and so many others!