Magia Biblioteki: A library angel

Did you know that if you have a personal question and you go to a library, the Library Angel will answer it?
Just choose a book and start reading in a random page, until you find your answer!
Τι γυρεύει ένας άγγελος κλεισμένος σε ένα βιβλίο; Μήπως τα παιδιά από την Λακατάμεια μπορούν να γράψουν τις απαντήσεις τους;

One more bookcarving from Elefsina and what we make of the parts we carve. We try to waste nothing!


  1. Now I'm really sure I've got a special care when I'm starting to read. It's so nice and beautiful!
    Your film is so charming - I can watch it again and again. It makes me feeling fresh and relaxed.
    Thank you.
    Kind regards from Lublin

  2. This is a really magic film! I feel I'm inside this world. I know this a wonderful world exists. Angels are my friends and they live in my book's world.

  3. I know it. I reach for the book when I need something or when I feel like a bit of rest. Books can awaken in you feelings that you do not know.

  4. Now I know why I can't stop reading books! :)
    Palina from Lublin

  5. Bookcovers are really work of art! Polish team from Lublin would like to know how to do it? Can Greek team teach us and say some pointers?

  6. Your bookcarvings are gorgeous!!! Congratulations!!!
    Ewa O. (librarian from Lublin)

  7. Natalie Mantikou18 June 2010 at 03:46

    I love Lublin's bookcarving!! It's amazing, really!