Visiting Libraries in our Towns

The Lublinian students visited a regional public library at Library's Week. You can see diffrent kind of amazing collections. Young people first time watched manuscripts, old books, king's book, diaries from the past and many documents about past. You can write what do you like from this collections? Is something new for you? Are you interested in books history?

In Elefsina, there are two Municipal Libraries and two School libraries. Our team visited them (the Childens' Library, the first one of its kind in Greece, has unfortunately shut down) and we made it into a film. For the full version, click here.

And here are our Cyprus twinners visiting Lakatameia Municipal Library:

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  1. First of all, thank you from the Elefsina library for posting pics of this treasure! We can tell you about the old books in our collection (not as old and fine as the Lublinian!)
    16 May 2010 00:47
    Natalia Mantikou said...
    I've never seen parchment! I loved it!