Hi, this is Constantine from the Greek book club. This Saturday, I went to the annual comics exhibition in Athens, Comicdom Con 2010. It is being held at the Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas Gallery of the Hellenic American Union in Athens. The event is organized by the Hellenic American Union and Comicdom Press and it lasted two days. There were stalls of many publishing houses, such as Anubis Comics(One of my favorites) and Otaku No Sekai. There were many people there, just like during my first visit last year, and my cousins and I had a lot of fun picking out comics, manga and various other things. Although my family and I only spent an hour there, we were all exhausted afterwards and I was the only one who didn’t fall asleep in the car (other than the driver).

Σχόλιο Βιβλιοθήκης: Ο Κωνσταντίνος μας μετέφερε τις εντυπώσεις του από την έκθεση κόμικς που επισκέφτηκε το Σάββατο στην Ελληνοαμερικανική Ένωση στην Αθήνα και φωτογράφισε τον θησαυρό του για εμάς. Παίρνει ιδέες για το σενάριο του ηλεκτρονικού παιχνιδιού που ετοιμάζει από καιρό τώρα με αμείωτο πάθος.


  1. hi I"m aris zhuka from greece and I go in the last class of high school and I'm so happy that I'm takling part in project...

  2. Sounds like a really nice time, Constantine! Good thing you were not driving! :)
    Is it an annual event? Are comics very popular in Greece?
    Thanks for sharing.
    Irina Vasilescu, Bucharest, Romania

  3. Yes, it is an annual event and I think this was its fourth year. Although younger children read many comics (It's pretty rare, though, to see someone reading manga), most of my peers tend to use their free time for other things like sports and video games.

  4. This is Kostas, now speaking to you as a graduate. This year I visited the fourth exposition of children’s and juvenile literature. The whole club visited last year but the rest were unable to follow this year. There were many stalls of different publishing houses and many different events. The French Institute held a karaoke event which I helped set up (by using my vast knowledge of how to use a PS3! ) and there was also a wall where artists were able to paint something of their own. I had a great time and hope to visit next year as well.